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I've only started this website recently, so some sections may be incomplete.

Commission Status: CLOSED

I am working on my current queue.
Commissions will reopen Spring-Summer 2024 at the earliest.
My Twitter is the best place to stay updated with available slots.


I am Pseudo, and I have been making fursuits since 2009.
Fursuit making is not my primary source of income,
but instead is a side hobby for me.
My fursona is a green foodog, and I attend conventions across Europe with my friends. (Confuzzled, Eurofurence, etc.)
I am based in the UK.
I do not take myself or my art too seriously,
I am very aloof and anyone is welcome to approach me !
I also sell my sewing patterns and tutorials,
see Sewing Patterns for more information.

Commission Status: CLOSED

I am working on my current queue.
Commissions will reopen Spring-Summer 2024 at the earliest.
My Twitter is the best place to stay updated with available slots.

Commission Info

I specialise in bringing to life custom characters.
I rarely open commissions, openings are announced first on Twitter.
If you are interested in one of my parts that I have a pattern uploaded for, you are welcome to commission another fursuit maker and ask them to use my sewing pattern.

I prefer to spend months on a single suit until it is completed as much as possible. I focus especially closely on detail, comfort, and durability so that my art can persevere through many events over many years.For these reasons, I prefer to focus on personal projects, but I have been recently searching to expand my portfolio by offering a rare commision slot here or there. I am very picky with which commissions I will accept.I operate on communication and short waitlists, as I believe in taking slots only when I am able to complete them, rather than constant backlisting and forced waiting.My prices are also indicative of this, as not only is my ability to accept a commission rare, but each suit I make is unique and completely custom tailored.


All of my pieces are produced with great attention to detail;
with lining/cuffing/etc coming standard where appropriate.
The individual features that I offer on each suit differs
drastically to fit whatever fits the character and wearer.
Many changes (ex. flat eyes) are free, some incur an extra charge (ex. digitigrade), whereas others are not offered (ex. realistic resin eyes).
Please send me a quote for an accurate estimation.
I will work with each individual customer and character
to determine the best methods for the suit to be completed.


All prices are in USD ($) but can be paid in any currency.Footpaw Sneaker-looking Sandals: +$350
Handpaws: $350
Feetpaws: $400
Above Knee Tail: $150
Knee to Ankle Tail: $300
Floor Dragging Tail: $400
If you would like a different item, please contact me for price/offerability.

Terms of Service

Please read if you are interested in commissioning me !All of these terms are very standard across all fursuit makers.Accuracy: I will remain as faithful to your reference and character as I am able. However, some things are simply not achievable in real life, and similarly I am limited by the information that I am given, and cannot be responsible for such discrepancies. Please know that I will ask you many clarifying questions and let you know what I am doing before I do it, so we have plenty of time to discuss changes during the commission process. Your DTD and measurements given must be accurate, and if I deliver a product which matches your measurements/DTD but not yourself, this is not my fault.Age: You must be 18+ to commission me or have your parent/guardian order for you.Allergies: If you have a severe dog allergy please do not commission me if it means putting your life at risk.Backing Out: "Backing out" is when a commissioner refuses to pay for a commission which is either finished or in progress. Backing out will result in an immediate blacklist as it is both expensive and time-consuming. Payment plans can be extended with some leniency in the event of financial trouble, but if nonpayment or no communication without explanation is received for 1+ month, then the buyer will be considered to have Backed Out.If the buyer Backs Out, then I will send you whichever parts are finished and refund the remaining amount minus the 35% downpayment which is nonrefundable. In some situations, the remaining parts will be retained to be resold with minimal likeliness of your character or destroyed.Bodysuits: For a bodysuit to be made, a DTD (duct tape dummy) must be made and shipped to me (at your expense). At the end of the commission, you are welcome to have the DTD returned to you with your commission or it can be destroyed by me at your request. If the DTD is of exceptionally poor quality, I will request a remake.Commission Termination: Commissions will only be terminated by me due to one of two reasons.
1) Harassment: I have the right to at any time terminate the commission on my end if I am subjected to harassment/threats/etc by a commissioner or I have credible evidence that I am being scammed.
2) Unforeseen Circumstances: Emergencies which severely affect my livelihood for 7+ days (this extremely rare, I have never encountered one before). If possible, the commission will be resumed when recovered, otherwise see below:
If I must terminate the commission then I will send you whichever parts are finished and refund the remaining amount (parts will only be returned if able. If this is not possible, then all unsent parts will be refunded). Downpayment may be refunded if the reason for termination is mine alone.Communication: I will maintain contact with you and ensure that everything is being made per your specifications. All messages will be replied to within 5 work days (unless I am unavailable for a longer period of time, of which I will warn you ahead of time). Errors are difficult to fix further down the line, and feedback during the commission process is extremely important.Currency Conversion: Payment can be sent in any currency, but exchange rate may apply and is the responsibility of the commissioner. In the event of a refund, the exchange rates may apply once again, and is the responsibility of the refundee (as I am only able to refund the amount which I was sent).Deadlines: I will do my best to propose and meet all deadlines, but I cannot be held responsible for delays caused by nonpayment/waiting for measurements/supplier delays/shipping delays. I may be able to finish a commission earlier than anticipated if a rush fee is paid to cover overtime (but I will not move your work ahead of other commissioners).Downpayment: Progress will not start until a 35% downpayment is met. This downpayment is used to purchase materials, and cannot be refunded to the buyer in case of Backing Out (see above).Examples/Patterns/Tutorials: Unless otherwise stated, all patterns are of my own creation. If I develop a pattern for your commission, I am able to redistribute and reuse the pattern anytime I like, as well as use images of your piece as an example or tutorial for the purpose of pattern redistribution. I will not redistribute the likeliness of your character/etc.Payment: All payment must be made via bank transfer (IBAN/ACH/etc) due to rising 3rd party fees. Please be assured that I have delivered more than 100 successful commissions in the past and I will not allow misuse of funds. Monthly payment plans can be provided on a case-by-case basis but the item will not be shipped until payment is successfully completed.Repairs: Any sewing errors are checked for many times, but if you find any unusually fragile seams or ones which are already broken soon after receiving the suit, small repairs can be performed for free by me if the commission is clean and shipped back to my current location at the buyer's cost (which may be different than my original location as I move often). Wear and tear is bound to come with years of love, and I am unable to provide "life-long" free repairs for commissions, so this only includes the short period after your commission arrives and before any alterations or damages were made by the client. Please be assured that I have never needed to repair a commission for a buyer in the past due to a strong attention to detail.Shipping: Shipping is to be paid by the buyer. I am not responsible for customs/import fees or other taxes levied by the importing government. Intercontinental shipping is particularly expensive, I will let you know which country the item will be shipped from before accepting your commission. Items will not be shipped until payment is completed, no exceptions. I am most comfortable delivering an item at a convention if possible (I may ask you to cover the cost of bringing the fursuit on a flight if necessary). Shipping costs cannot be calculated until after the commission is complete. All items will be packed safely and sent with tracking and insurance. Any damage incurred during shipping is not my responsibility.Wearing: Wearing a fursuit is hard ! Although I strive for good ventilation/movement/vision, wearing any fursuit comes with risks. Please read about fursuiting before purchasing; stay hydrated and do not suit for extremely long uninterrupted periods of time. I am not responsible for any personal injury caused by wearing these costumes.

Sewing Patterns

I offer PDF sewing patterns that can be used to make fursuits.
They come in both A4 and US letter sizes (8.5x11).

- Bird Tail
- Digi Legs
- Deer Hoof Feet
- Horse hooves (hands + feet)
- Bodysuits
- Mouthtail(s)
- Full-pad handpaws (raccoon/skunk/etc)
Want to see something specific ? Email me a suggestion !

Pattern Terms
- When used, proper credit must be given to the pattern creator (Pseudocanid).
- Fursuit makers can use these patterns to create items to sell (small-scale basis)
- The patterns (including alterations) cannot be redistributed
- No returns/cancellations